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As the heart of iReceive Sanctuary, you are the essence of what makes our community so magic. It’s that time again when we open our doors for an evening dedicated to healing, connection, and the gentle power of Reiki. We invite you to join us for our cherished monthly gathering:

When: One Thursday night a month, around New Moon ~ 7pm to 8:30pm

Where: iReceive Sanctuary, Narrabeen ~ address will be sent upon confirmation

Immerse yourself in a serene evening dedicated to YOU. Lay back and let yourself be showered with a wave of love and healing energy. Through Reiki, feather cleansing, drumming, and the harmonious sounds of singing bowls, we invite you to experience a profound sense of belonging, inner peace, and reconnection with your divinity.

There is undeniable power in gathering together ~ in the shared silence, in the collective softening of hearts, and in the openness to Receive. This event is for anyone seeking to reconnect with their inner self and the beautiful iReceive community.

Event by donation with gratitude. Your generous support allows us to continue creating spaces for healing and connection. For bank transfer please email us for bank details.

Suggested donation: $35

Spaces are limited as we aim to keep the group small and cosy, fostering a more intimate and nurturing environment.

REIKI NIGHT ~ Community Healing

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