iReceive is an inspiring holistic space dedicated to sharing love, light and healing through Reiki and other complementary therapies. Connecting our sparkling souls with their higher selves on each unique journey to soul reconnection is our biggest mission at iReceive. Our intention is to bring balance and transformation to individual lives, as well as increase collective awareness and global healing.

Our Essence

We were all born to shine. At iReceive, we love passing the torch of the divine so you can awaken your inner light. Our spiritual purpose at iReceive is to offer powerful sessions and courses that can guide you on a journey to your highest self. We have helped different people ascend through life in a myriad of ways. Some of the magic we’ve witnessed has ranged from small nudges in the direction of someone’s truth, to full blown life altering transformation. As a result of Receiving our strong guidance and support, people have reported that they feel more at peace with themselves, balanced, grounded and grateful. People have found self-love and acceptance, wisdom and strength to go through challenges, as well as finding life purpose and true passion. Our soul journey reconnections can open the heart; bring lightness, pain release, stress reduction and healing for old emotions and trauma. Through deepening spirituality – many have found a state of great consciousness and fullness to discover the balance and power within to feel the flow of love and peace in finding their way back to the heart. Guiding you on your deep immersion into the soul is our calling. 

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Our History

iReceive was founded in August 2014, after Cibeli, our iReceive founder experienced a massive life transformation and holistic treatment with Reiki and Crystal Healing. A need to heal had been expanded to assisting in others healing journeys. Cibeli felt humanity needed the Light of Reiki, so people could experience the inner peace that had touched her in every Reiki session Received. “I can still remember the day after Receiving a session and feeling in my heart, that if every child could have access to experience such a profound and deep state of love, this intense sense of inner peace and connection with the higher self, there would not be the need to use drugs to get distracted from reality.”  iReceive was created from the scratch. With a heart fully open and a consciousness constantly expanding; every facet of the magic and loving compassion behind iReceive’s services is a true journey back to our own light. And every strand and moment of this holistic space has been based on whole-heartedness, authenticity and a passion to help others.

Our Space

Our healing sanctuary and open hands are here to nurture and guide you during your journey to activate the divine within. Finding your higher truth can often bring intense release, shedding and rebirthing experiences. The heavenly iReceive space has been designed to offer the most potent love and support for our deep diving sparkling souls. Surrounded by nature like raw wood logs and the mystic beauty of our incredible amethyst cave – the iReceive space has been created to bring you back to your roots. All the beautiful elements of our healing oasis – from the little touches of sage, oracle cards and feathers, to the bigger elements such as the medicine drum, Tibetan bowl and selenite tower lamp are all here to reignite your connection and enhance your healing. When you’re ready to awaken and blossom, we welcome you with loving open arms to be with grounded presence under the iReceive Tree of Light. iReceive is a space to feel and express freely on your journey of your connection to YOUR higher SELF.

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"Reiki is not about asking for something good to happen.
It's about knowing whatever happens is for the highest good of all."

Cibeli Nunes



Our Founder

For over 20 years, I’ve been traveling the path of self-awareness and healing, learning how to shine my light and help others find theirs within. Everyone is their own universe and even though I’ve lived a lot in my human years in this lifetime, I can never fully understand another’s truth. However, a life of blessed challenges and training has helped qualify me to offer a service with love, compassion and empathy for other individuals’ self-healing.

Looking back on my incredible journey I realised my introduction to spirituality was sparked by the death of a close friend over 20 years ago and here I am now, truly blessed to be offering and teaching Reiki. The road in between has been an interesting adventure. I experienced depression, grief, moving overseas as a student, race discrimination, fear, abusive relationships. Going through a rough divorce, while still physically recovering from giving birth, led me to experience anxiety and physical stress for the first time in my life. Through all of this and more recently adapting to motherhood and solo parenting; I've come apart many times to be able to become whole again and again.

After having literally travelled around the world while working aboard a cruise liner for 2 and a half years and living abroad, every small experience, meeting and synchronicity led me to the path of self-healing and spiritual light work. That’s how I landed here in Australia and have taken root for over 10 years. I’m truly grateful to this beautiful land that has supported my human journey and enabled me to grow like a strong tree. I feel blessed to have the space to manifest and express my inner truth.

I've done yoga, meditation and silent retreats, 40 days to personal revolution, spiritual circles, meditation classes and deep healing therapies. I’ve worked in so many different industries and jobs to make relocation possible. Long relationships ended. All of these experiences added colour to this wonderful art work that is life!

Suddenly I felt as if I had no choice, but to start sharing my light and seeding the light within the world around me. My mission was to practice and teach Reiki. To LIVE Reiki!

I started iReceive in 2014 and discovered that having a business that aligned with my passion and the divine light within me is both rewarding and fulfilling. iReceive became a realisation of a dream I didn't even know I had. Reiki is my life purpose!

I’m a strong believer in listening to your heart and following your dreams. Being open to all the infinite possibilities. Everything is possible if it's coming from your higher self and aligned with the divine.

Thank you for reading my story, sparkling soul. I look forward to hearing yours.

iDream. iBelieve. iThank. iManifest. 


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Words of Inspiration From Our Sparkling Souls

"Cibeli is an incredible and talented reiki practitioner. Her approach and professionalism make her sessions a lovely experience. I always feel more grounded and centred after the sessions and yet with a sense of lightness and relaxation.
Love her work!"

Liana Linhares

Sydney Northern Beaches NSW - Australia

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