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Kind Words

“What do I have to say, the blessing of having known this light that Cibeli is, having received this energy of goodness and knowledge through Reiki. I had few Reiki sessions with Cibeli before becoming her student. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in the level I and level II Reiki courses, the connection and energy of love that only brings compassion and good to this world. I could not recommend this enlightened soul enough. iReceive and You deserve to receive it.”

Midi Mendonca

“What a weekend!! Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher it was just AMAZING! So much healing, emotions, energy, tears, knowledge, caring, love... it was incredible! This course was one of the most, if not the most intense course I've ever done it. Of course that every course it is important and has its own essence, however this one in specific it was special/powerful/deep. It was beyond my expectations. And Cibeli is a being full of light and love. Ci, thank you so much for being part of my journey and for allowing this wonderful course to happened! So much love and gratitude.”

Lu Awa

“The chance to do a Reiki course has come to me a few times in my life and passed me by just as quickly. When I met Cibeli by 'chance' in a local Thai restaurant with our daughters, there was an instant connection. I was looking and ready to take the next step in my journey and as the universe would have it, Cibeli was there to provide it to me. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" comes to mind. The day was stormy and rainy and had the most amazing group of people attending. The energy was so beautiful and the course was structured in a way that was flowing and informative. It was the unique way in which Cibeli delivered the material with her knowledge, grace and light shining. I cannot thank you enough for being there for my initiation into Reiki and for lighting a fire in me that I will share with the world. It has been a major milestone on my journey so far… and I am sure the best is yet to come. Keep shining your amazing light.”

Nic Wilson

"Amazing Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Master & Karuna Courses! Lovely Teacher! Absolutely fantastic and unique experience! The courses were filled with love and knowledge. It has been a beautiful journey to take part in. Words could never be enough to express my gratitude. Cibeli is genuine in her commitment and passion to help you be the best person you can be. I am so grateful for having crossed path with you, a true angel, a beautiful soul. The admiration, respect and love I feel for you are so immense. Thank you for your brilliant ability to teach & share your love and experiences with us.”

Juliana Moura

"I still can’t describe how intense and amazing these days were with you guys! Thank you all of you ladies! All supported and guided by Cibeli, my sparkling Reiki Master, who has been an important pillar in my journey, who has held this so blessed space for everyone to learn more how to work with this loving energy that is Reiki. I have no words to explain how this 3-day course of Reiki Master have changed once more my life and my view about myself and consequently others and about what is the real me. And yes, I only can say thank you Cibeli, for holding this space to spread this so loving energy which is Reiki, what also has just become my life. Thank you for inspiring me to search along this whole way, to keep going and find my purpose in life."

Samara Oliveira

"I have completed the Reiki Level 1 course and today, just after the 21 days of self-healing, I can say that this experience has been amazing and unique. After completing the course I had already noticed a great energetic modification around me. During the self-healing I had fantastic experiences. I can definitely say that I feel more in peace with myself, more balanced and grounded, and it’s much easier to meditate now. I know it is the beginning of a beautiful and long journey of love, discovery, self-knowledge and connection and I am excited and really grateful for that! Special thanks to Cibeli, who gives us so much love and really reflects the beautiful and pure Reiki energy of love and gratitude."

Carol Vassão

"I am truly amazed with the beautiful experiences that I had after being initiated in Reiki 1 and in Reiki 2. I can tell the courses were life changing. And even in a short period of time I'm feeling the "magic" and learning a lot about myself every single day. My heart beats with so much love every time I'm giving Reiki and I'm truly happy to have found my true passion through the courses. Cibeli is an amazing and loving Master and she helped me through all this process, always kind, patient and lovely. Thank you Cibeli for sharing your light with us and give so much meaning for our lives through this beautiful energy."

Mônica Oi

"I’m just going through my second week of reiki with Cibeli, and its just really hard to explain how wonderful this experience has been! Cibeli is an amazing listener and the peace you feel after a session with her is just amazing! It makes you feel a whole lot of clarity in things you never even thought of! It makes you feel like being a better version of yourself and see life in a different, better way! I’m loving this journey"

Vitoria Mantovanni

“Cibeli is a wonderful teacher who understands the deep loving message of the reiki practice. iReceive space is a place of compassion, empathy and healing energy, and Cibeli is the gentle guardian, holding the space and providing guidance. I highly recommend the courses she provides."

Aryana Cascao

“I had recently lost my dad and was feeling terribly low. I felt I was dragging myself through life and struggling to complete even the simplest tasks in my day to day life. I knew I needed help so I book a Reiki session with Cibeli. It was the best thing I could have done! In one session I felt a major shift and recovered my energy levels. The short chat we had also helped me to change my approach to my dad’s passing, which also super helpful. Cibeli is a fantastic professional and has a beautiful and soothing vibe, very pleasant to be around.”

Fernanda Cordeiro

“It is not easy to describe what it feels like after 3 sessions of reiki, especially when you have a person so committed and passionate with what she does, makes all the difference! The result is a peace between body and soul, a state of great consciousness and fullness, where one finds the balance and the power we have within ourselves, makes us discover that the answer is not anywhere around, but inside. Amazing experience!”

Rico Filho

"I love my reiki sessions with Cibeli, she is an incredible person, so loving, sweet and shining. I have amazing conversations with her before each session that bring beautiful reflections. My reiki sessions with her have taken me to another level of presence, peace and love. I feel the difference even on my breathing. Reiki is such a powerful energy that makes you feel in balance, more connected to your inner self and grounded."

Manoella Woellner

"Cibeli is just exceptional. She holds the space for you to heal and find our potential. When I had sessions with her I knew she was the right one to teach me reiki.
I highly recommend her."

Camila Sunshine

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“I met Cibeli around 3 years ago when our baby girls were still bound to our arms. She told me as we farewell that we would still see each other a lot one day in the future. That day finally came and both our girls and we became good friends. I mentioned to Ci that I had an ongoing issue with my intestinal track and absorption of nutrient and that soon I needed to see her as up to this point no one had been able to help me in a non-intrusive way. Life happened and that was no longer priority.  A few months ago, I asked Ci to assist me with Reiki, after my GP reminded me of this ancient healing technique - asking if I did Reiki to help me conceive our second child. We have been trying to conceive for a while but the reason I needed to see Cibeli and ask for Reiki was because we had to terminate the pregnancy and I was emotionally and physically a wreck after yet another loss. 

I knew one session was not enough so it was perfect to have a pack of 4 sessions planned and all on the same date and time. All up to this moment was just great, the welcome email and all the information and explanation of what to expect. Yet if you read about reiki you really need to drop expectations and let the healing take place where it needs to go. On the first session we talked about a ‘word’ for the current year and I said without hesitation “Purification”. That word had also come to me while pregnant in a meditation. Cibeli also asked if there was anything in particular I needed. I mentioned the high blood pressure and pain in my head which I had never experienced before but since the curettage procedure in hospital it was getting quite unbearable. After that first session there was no more high blood pressure or pounding headaches. Then in the 3rd session Cibeli asked me again the intention that day and I mentioned the issue I had before with my intestinal track, which had stopped happening while pregnant but I was afraid it would happen again, like it had been for the last 3 and a half years. In 30 minutes of talking about this issue Cibeli help me find the core of it in my blue print, the stress related fear and disempowerment I was suffering and thus resulting in this on-going serious issue. I am slowly getting better and it is the first time in 3 years I feel that the old me is back in the room and I can shake of this issue once and for all.
Lastly on the last session we picked an oracle card, out of 10 or more decks, and the word was “Purification”. I strongly believe there is no coincidences in life. The whole treatment was pure delight and joy from start to finish. I felt cared for, I felt heard, I felt unjudged, I felt the healing straight away.  I was in very good hands and I am forever grateful for the healing extended to me by Cibeli and iReceive.”

Maira Widholzer