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Are you ready for a journey of deep soul immersion to awaken the divine light within?

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Soul Journey Reconnection

These immersive holistic sessions are powerful activators to connect you with your higher self. Each journey runs for approximately 1.5 hours, in person or online.

iReceive holistic services include the magic of Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®, combined with crystal healing and a touch of shamanism. A feather wand, medicine drum, crystal singing bowl and Family Constellations techniques are combined to offer a deep journey of healing and reconnection. The sessions also include a chat at the beginning to review belief systems and behaviour patterns which may be stopping you from living your truest self. It involves self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love. This opens you up for transformation, letting go of the old and making way for newness in your life. Restoring wholeness and harmony to spirit, soul and body, Reiki awakens the wisdom within.

The ‘Soul Journey Reconnection’ package includes the transformative soul journey reconnection. We start with one session per week for one month, and revisit on the 4th session to find out how much has shifted and unlocked within. From there, we chat about whether more sessions are needed for the journey of awakening the inner divine.


Energetic Investment: $620 (includes 4 initial sessions)

Your light is a gift to the world. Have a chat to us about how we can assist you connecting with your inner light.


Holistic Mentoring

Holistic Mentoring is a service for Reiki students wishing to start a business, or improve an established one. This style of therapy can also work well for someone in need of release through talking without the healing process itself.

This spiritual mentoring can help during the physical process of setting up a business. 
The session will be filled with Reiki energy in the ‘background.’ It may include a short guided meditation at the beginning or end if needed, or any other tool if it’s called for. This journey is offered online only and runs for 1 hour. 

Energetic Investment: $515 (includes 4 initial sessions)


There is nothing more fulfilling than running a business that aligns with your heart and higher purpose. Chat to us about your holistic business today. 

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Family Constellations

If it’s called for within a journey, we use family constellations to deep dive into ancestral wounds that perpetuate conflict, pain and emotions that no longer serve.

iReceive can help unlock these deep connections to our ancestral roots to guide us in stepping forward into light and individual purpose.

This powerful work helps to uncover and deal with shadows, as well as accept and honour the past and release future generations of these patterns. Shining light on old roots, history and stories of our beloved ancestors can promote phenomenal healing for each soul journey.

At iReceive we use the systemic family constellations as a revealing tool and follow the order of love to remove blockages that might be hidden from awareness and facilitate a beautiful healing that allows life source to flow for reconnection, wellbeing and harmony.

Group workshop coming soon. Click below to be notified when it’s up and running.


Solo Parenting Sisterhood

This healing group meeting is a sacred and safe space for solo mothers to speak up, be seen, be heard and experience nurturing healing amongst the divine sisterhood of fellow solo mums.

We work through difficult transitions, grief and vulnerability in this powerful support network. This circle is for any solo mother who's going through the transformation of solo motherhood and dealing with anything from trauma and sadness to constant change and stress. If you’re ready to look inwards and reconnect to your true self – this empowering, compassionate and welcoming space is for you.

Each group session includes sharing time and group healing which includes Reiki, crystal healing and a touch of shamanism (feather wand and medicinal drum.) Everything about this circle is sacred, safe and confidential. This journey is offered once a month and runs for 2 hours. 

Energetic Investment: $35

If you would like to join our monthly group, please click below to connect with us.

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Global Community Healing

Come together in community for our online Group Reiki via distance sessions.

A powerful union of like-minded souls gathering online for global healing.

These sessions are a collective calling and held every week, free of charge for anyone that wishes to participate.

Shining our light together can impact the world for a brighter future for everyone.


"I love my reiki sessions with Cibeli, she is an incredible person, so loving, sweet and shining. I have amazing conversations with her before each session that bring beautiful reflections. My reiki sessions with her have taken me to another level of presence, peace and love. I feel the difference even on my breathing. Reiki is such a powerful energy that makes you feel in balance, more connected to your inner self and grounded"

Manoella Woellner

Words of Inspiration From Our Sparkling Souls

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