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Your Essence Retreat in

Les Village, Bali 

A Dance Between Conscious Movement and Stillness...

We are so delighted to invite you to our Essence Retreat taking place in the Island of Gods: Mamma Bali. We couldn't think of a better place to embark on this immersive experience than the serene tranquility of Les Village: home of the untouched breathtaking Yeh Mempeh Waterfall.


Throughout this 6-day retreat, we’ll embark on a transformative exploration of our sacred beauty through ceremonies and group sessions surrounded by nature. With a unique blend of movement, stillness, playfulness, and deep connection, we invite you to expand your heart, explore your roots, and rediscover the limitless nature of your ESSENCE.

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Immerse yourself in the embrace of Bali's sacred beauty, where the whispers of waterfalls, the grace of ancient rituals, and the depths of your soul essence converge to ignite a journey of profound transformation and pure rediscovery of your being.

Your Essence Retreat Offering 

Heart Expansion


Awaken your heart with transformative drum sessions and feather cleansing, purifying your spirit and opening your heart.


Soul Awakening

Dive into your consciousness with guided meditations, breathwork, and mindful movement, accessing profound insights.


Playful Presence

Embrace being fully present through playful practices, experiencing healing yourself in profoundly fun and joyful ways.

Divine Embodiment


Deepen your connection with yourself through tantric embodiment practices, sacred movement and conscious touch.


Nature's Embrace

Bathe in pristine waterfalls and align with Bali’s natural rhythms through dancing between movement and stillness.


Creative Sensory

Ignite your imagination and awaken your senses with immersive activities, bringing inspiration to every aspect of your life.

Elemental Harmony


Reconnect with nature through water purification, earth rituals, and fire circle transmutation, merging with Mother Earth.


Emotional Liberation

Free yourself from old emotional patterns through healing ceremonies, creating space for joy, love, and authenticity.


Sacred Connections

Deepen your bond with yourself, like-minded souls, and nature, experiencing profound sense of belonging and support.

Join us at the Essence Retreat and embark on a journey that will transform the way you see, feel, and experience life. Let the magical land of Bali guide you back to your essence and inspire you to live with greater sense of presence. 


Your Retreat Inclusions 

5-Night Stay: 

Relax in your own PRIVATE laid-back jungle huts with refreshing jungle showers, providing the perfect blend of comfort and immersion in nature's embrace. 

All-Inclusive Meals: 

Indulge in gourmet plant-based cuisine, nourishing your body and soul with 3 meals a day accompanied by morning and evening tea. 

Essence Sessions: 

Dive deep into mindfulness practices, tantric embodiment activities, guided meditations and fire ceremonies designed to reconnect you with your essence and awaken your inner strength. 

Sacred Ceremonies: 

Participate in Traditional Blessing Ceremonies at the holy spring and majestic waterfall, connecting with the spiritual essence of the land and invoking divinity within.

Healing Massage: 

Soothe your body, mind, and spirit with a rejuvenating healing massage, offered during your stay to enhance your sense of well-being and relaxation. 

Nature Hikes: 

Embark on enchanting nature hikes, exploring the lush landscapes and hidden treasures of the surrounding valley, merging with the healing energies of the Mother Earth. 

Surprise Celebration Nights: 

Experience a magical night of celebration to honour the powerful energies of 10/10, embracing the abundance and harmony of this auspicious occasion + surprise farewell magic party. 

Special Guests: 

Connect with a diverse community of local and international guests, each bringing their unique medicine and wisdom to enrich your journey with new tastes of live

Community & Connection: 

Forge deep connections with a supportive community of fellow seekers, sharing experiences and inspirations as you journey together towards greater authenticity and joy. 

essence Tentative Schedule 

Day 1: Essence of Grounding 

Welcome Ceremony at 2:22pm at Silent Mountain Space

Traditional Balinese Blessing Ceremony at Hanuman Temple and at Les Waterfall guided by a local Balinese

Immerse yourself in grounding rituals, fostering a deep connection with Bali's sacred land

Day 2: Essence of Self

Rise with a special guest-led Mindful Experience, setting the tone for a day of harmony with the Self

Peel back the layers at Essence sessions to deepen self-awareness

Recharge sessions around the waterfall followed by a silent reflective walk

Day 3: Essence of Connection 

Start with a special guest-led Tantra Embodiment session

Continue with an afternoon of deep activation of your senses as you connect with one another and the land

Surprise night to celebrate the 10/10 with a sunset fire ceremony led by special guests

Day 4: Essence of Nature

Undertake a 7-hour guided hike through Bali's stunning landscapes

Enjoy Free Essence time to reflect and relax in the tranquil surroundings

Experience activities that will allow you to merge with nature with heart-opening sessions

Day 5: Essence of Celebration 

Engage in breathwork sessions led by a special guest to release the old and access new beginnings

Celebrate YOU with a farewell sunset dinner at Cura Cura restaurant by the ocean

Experience a fire dance ceremony by the beach under the stars to honour the Essence of your new being

Day 6: Essence of Life 

Share special moments of connection as the group prepares to say goodbye

Visit the waterfall to seal all blessings and honour the sacred land in gratitude

Finish the retreat with a communal lunch by 12:12pm

Tropical Plant

Your Soul Companion 

Welcome to the Essence Retreat, where transformation begins under the gentle guidance of Cibeli, your soul companion and sacred space holder. 


As the heart and soul behind iReceive, Cibeli embodies the essence of nurturing wisdom and compassionate guidance. With over a decade of experience and a heart overflowing with love, she invites you to join her in this sacred space, where healing meets harmony and transformation blooms in every breath. 

Through the gentle whispers of Reiki and other holistic modalities, a warmth that radiates from within and a deep reverence for the healing power of nature, Cibeli creates a space where healing doesn't have to be heavy—it can be joyful, playful, and deeply transformative.


Join her at the Essence Retreat as you blend with nature's medicine, remember your essence and step into your highest, most authentic Self. 


Together, let's embark on a journey of presence, expansion, and profound connection. Your path to wholeness awaits, and Cibeli is here to guide you home. 


"Join us and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, the power of sacred ceremonies, and the deep essence of your life. "

Your Investment Options 

Only 10 Spaces Available for an Intimate Essence 

This retreat will sell out! Make sure you register ASAP. 

Early Bird by 7/7/24


Regular Price after 8/7/24




Are flights included? 

Do I need a visa to enter Indonesia? 

What about travel insurance? 

How do I get to Les Village from Bali airport? 

I am a first-time solo traveller, what should I expect in Bali? 

What should I make sure to bring with me? 

Dietary restrictions or allergies? 

Are payment plans available? 

Cancellation policy? 

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