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A new website is coming soon!

We are working on our new website, please use the links below for course's information or to book a service.

Who Are We

Welcome to IRecieve

A sacred journey of deep healing, enlightenment and empowerment to access your inner wisdom and divine connection with YOUR higher SELF

Our Services

Reiki Courses

Learn to master your inner healer in our intimate training groups. We offer empowering Usui/Holy Fire® III & Karuna Reiki® courses to guide you discover the key elements of Reiki healing while journeying you back to yourself, to enable you to share the Gift of Light with yourself, your family, your friends and the world around you.

Soul Journey Reconnection

Come on a transformative one-o-one journey of the soul to guide you letting go of your current state of mind and into your true essence, by restoring your wholeness. Connect with Your higher Self through powerful healing tailored specifically for you, with our 4-week journey of 88 minutes holistic sessions each week. Available online worldwide or in person.

Holistic Mentoring

Receive guidance through spiritual mentoring that is designed for you wishing to evolve on your human journey, as well as expand an existing holistic business or start a new one. Reach your highest potential and soar to your most productive and spiritually connected self. We offer 1-hour one-o-one online sessions, tailored to your intentions.

Northern Beaches

Sydney, NSW - Australia

Logo White 1.png
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