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Be ready for deep grounding, ancestral healing and close encounters with nature to access your inner wisdom and divine connection with YOUR higher SELF

Your Light Awakener & Reiki Teacher

Hello sparkling soul. It’s not by chance that you’re here at this very moment, and I’m very happy to welcome you to iReceive. Let me introduce myself and invite you on a journey of self-knowledge, deep healing and inner-love. My name is Cibeli Nunes, founder of iReceive. I too was once searching for healing, meaning and new beginnings, and discovering Reiki gave me not only the clarity I was hoping for to move forward, but also gifted me with an amazing life transformation. Through years of dedication and training, diving deep into the chambers of my higher consciousness, I was able to connect to my true essence. From this space, I was inspired to begin to empower and guide others through Reiki, and other complementary therapies, as a light awakener. A life of blessed challenges and training has helped qualify me to offer a service with love, compassion and empathy for the human side of all the brave souls that journey with me at iReceive. Holistic tools like Reiki have helped me shift my approach to life and gifted me with the ability to serve others too. Allow me to enlighten you to find your path to fulfilment and empowerment in every aspect of your life.


Let’s begin your journey together!

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Repeat to Yourself

I am one with the infinite source within me. I deserve all the abundance and prosperity the Universe has to offer. I am love. I am light and I share this light. I am at peace with myself and  those around me. My relationships are based on truth and love. I am grateful for all the people and things in my life. I love the Universe and the Universe loves me. Light is my first technique.

Cibeli Nunes

Our Services

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Reiki Courses

Learn to master your guiding light in our intimate training groups, facilitated by our team of divine light. Accredited by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists, we offer empowering Usui/Holy Fire® III & Karuna Reiki® courses to not only help you discover the key elements of Reiki healing, but to assist you in

sharing your light with the world.

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Soul Journey Reconnection

Come on a transformative journey of the soul to help you let go of your current spiritual place and be guided into the new, by restoring your wholeness and harmony. Connect with your higher self through powerful healing tailored specifically for you, with our 4-week journey of

1.5hr holistic sessions each week.

Available online worldwide or in person.

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Holistic Mentoring

Receive guidance through spiritual mentoring that is designed for you wishing to evolve on your human journey, as well as expand an existing holistic business or start a new one. Reach your highest potential and soar to your most productive and spiritually connected self.

We offer 1-hour online sessions,

tailored to your intentions.


"I loved my Reiki sessions with Cibeli and I have also completed my Reiki level I with her. Both, sessions and course, were amazing experiences and I can feel now a strong and positive energy in my life and share it with others. Cibeli is a fantastic person who is always ready to help. I really want to do other levels with iReceive. Thank you Cibeli for this magic opportunity."

Franciele Giacomel

Words of Inspiration From Our Sparkling Souls

Sydney North Shore NSW - Australia

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Global Community Healing

Group Reiki via Distance
  Every week    Free    Worldwide

Shining our light and gathering together in community can change the world.
Join us for our weekly online global group Reiki sessions.